Month: May 2005

bizarre linkage. take a peek.

so I’m doing a bit of googling for hexagonal tessellations and I found this page… which had photos of mine from flickr on it, and a link to me on the top. weird. So I’m a little clueless as to how that happened, but whatever. I’m happy with having people look at my artwork, it’s not like I’m putting it online to keep it secret or anything! I need to make a point to mention origami in every post, too, so it shows up in technorati and other pages like that. I’m just a sucker for attention. origami tessellations right here, people!

new star tessellation, with chiyogami paper

new star tessellation, with chiyogami paper Originally uploaded by Origomi. part 2 of 2- this time with some chiyogami paper (that’s like saying chai tea- redundant. but I’m saying it anyway.) my adorable wife needs some of these to make me a spiffy origami scrapbook, so I’m going to fold a few more. I think they’d make some nifty little pins if I shrunk the fold down a bit smaller. I think I’d have to lacquer them or something… not sure how I’d go about doing that. I’ll leave it to the jewelry pro of the house and stick to what I do best. (which ISN’T that!)