Month: May 2005

BOS convention, spring 2005

here’s some great photos I found from the spring BOS convention. alex bateman’s tessellations. There’s only one photo, sadly! also worth taking a peek at is Mark Leonard’s folds. I’d love to go to one of these conventions! I’d definitely have to spend quite a bit of time folding up a bunch of work to take, and use some nicer paper for them. I’m somewhat hampered by a lack of good working space, and “good working times”. my biggest creative periods tend to be during times of the day when I’m supposed to be doing other things, like working for example! One of the folks from the Origami Minnesota group went to the BOS con, since she’s an editor of BOS and all that. I was hoping to see some of her work there but no such luck. I’ll have to ask her about the next time I see her.

new star tessellation, with chiyogami paper

new star tessellation, with chiyogami paper Originally uploaded by Origomi. I came up with a new star tessellation using some more of the funky 30 degree folds. I’m trying to slowly start working some of the new techniques into the things I come up with, because there’s such a large possibility of folds that I get a little overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to work on a pentagon-based fold, but that’s coming pretty slowly- the precreasing is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. seriously. and this coming from someone who happily folds 500+ precreased lines at a shot. regardless, here’s another one that has a “pretty” outcome on lower iteration levels. this fold comes out after only 4 iterations deep, which is nice as it’s quite a few less folds than 5 or 6 (6 levels is like 2 straight days of prefolding!) I’m working on starting to diagram, I figured something is better than nothing and if I can get the ideas down maybe someone else with better illustrator skills than I will help me clean …

mouse diagram1

mouse diagram1 Originally uploaded by OrigamiKid. so I remember looking at OrigamiKid’s models quite a while back on Flickr. I was searching for “diagrams” tags and I happened to see these very nicely drawn diagrams for one of his creations. I’m quite impressed by them, as that’s somewhat how I’d like to be able to diagram my work. he definitely has some drawing/diagramming skill, as that’s some fine line work… but it’s motivated me to try it myself. I got a free notebook in the mail today, very nice and seemingly quite adequate for such purposes. I’ll give it a go and see what happens!