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Vespertilio – corrugated paper bat

Vespertilio - by Ioana Stoian

Vespertilio - by Ioana Stoian

My partner Ioana Stoian recently created this wonderful model of a bat, using origami corrugations – her first origami design!

I’m very pleased with this model and helped her to create a simple set of diagrams and a crease pattern, which you can download via her site:

You can see it also folds flat – the world’s first “flat pack” bat 🙂

Vespertilio - Ioana Stoian

Vespertilio - Ioana Stoian

Vespertilio - Ioana Stoian

Vespertilio - Ioana Stoian



  1. @Iona: This like a mafia, once you’re in you can’t get out… hahaha

    Congratulations on your first model, it’s so beautiful and the photo-diagrams are so simple!

  2. Hector Martinez says

    very very good gracias amigo muy bueno ,saludos desde mexico, send me more and teach me(enviame mas y enseñame). gracias

  3. gachepapier says

    Nice, charming model, “from an uncut 1 by 8 rectangle” as Ray might put it 🙂

    As has been noted above, I’d be quite surprised if new models didn’t start oozing from your fingers before you know it, Ioana !

  4. How pretty!
    It’s even better then the one you made during the convention.
    Also thanks for making a diagram.

    Hope you’ll do more

  5. Lien Pham says

    Hi Eric,

    i love your wonderful work at the JANM exhibition. So inspiring! i bought your book, can’t wait to go through it :-).

    Best regards,

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