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From the SAFE: Design Takes on Risk exhibit at MoMA comes this wonderful folding structure called the “Ha-Ori Shelter”. Made by Joerg Student from IDEO, it looks much like a folding, tessellated ger (or yurt). Given that I’m fascinated by both of these topics, this little collapsible hut is very appealing.

Here’s the quote from the IDEO page:

Ha-Ori Shelter

This ingenious and elegant temporary shelter was designed and constructed by IDEOer Joerg Student as a project for the Industrial Design Engineering program at the Royal College of Art in London. Stemming from Student’s exploration of a folding technique inspired by the leaves of a hornbeam tree, the Ha-Ori (Japanese for “folding leaf”) shelter is constructed from corrugated polypropylene that has been folded in a series of trapezoidal shapes to create a rigid structure. When open, the shelter has a diameter of 12.5 ft and a height of 8.5 ft. When folded, the Ha-Ori measures 8.8 ft x 1.5 ft for easy transport.

See more items from the SAFE exhibit at

Core77 – Design Event Photo Galleries

UPDATE: Hideo Komatsu points out another page on this show, in Japanese.

It has the best image of the design I’ve seen yet, as well.

Also, an interview with Joerg Student, by IDEO. Good stuff!

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  1. saad ablhade says

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