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Guts! – a japanese origami blog

Found this great site via Hideo Komatsu’s blog; he’s a veritable linkfarm of new origami material.

Whoever this person is, they have a delightful eye for folding animals, and capturing their essence without unnecessarily complex models.

Here’s one of a small bear with salmon:

From what I could translate on the description, it sounds like the bear and the salmon are two separate pieces of paper, stuck together with tape.

UPDATE: fixed some of the broken link nonsense that was going on with this post. Sorry about that. I’ll do better doublechecking in the future.


  1. shannon says

    Does anyone know how to make an origami crown that you can wear made of dollar bills? Or do you know were I can find out how?

  2. That’s some beautiful stuff Mihoko Ueno.

    Shannon I’ve seen some origami money being sold online. But you know it’s going to cost at least as much as the denomination it was made from :-)))

    Origami out of money doesn’t have to be that hard. What makes it difficult is that the paper is not square and this is the basis for many origami folds. It is thick, small and once you get to fold a couple of times it becomes hard to manage.

    I have successfully created flowers out of money from normal folds you would do on traditional paper. I do not however yet teach how to make them out of money and I put out a book for beginners on flowers, but I may get into money flowers in the future. There’s really nothing more to teach since they can be done from several regular folds like I said but more about how to handle it since it can get sticky to deal with.

    Find out how to make simple origami shapes from rectangular or even square shapes, preferably shapes that create some sort of pocket and lock them together by placing a corner or some part in the other ringing them together.

    My web site, book and blog are about origami for beginners but it focuses on flowers. I could try to figure out how to do this crown for you but your post is months old. However, anyone else who is interested can visit, drop me a note or get the free sample and tell me what they would like to see. I focus on flowers but if there is enough interest I can be flexible.

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