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hexagonal origami purse @ Dutch Design Week

So I was perusing through the wonderful photo galleries at from all these different design competitions and shows, looking for examples of folded furniture, clothing, houses, and other fun bits. And I came across this hexagonal folding origami-inspired purse, from Dutch Design Week 2005 ( Designprijzen 05 ). It’s doubly interesting to me, as Phil over at The Fitful Flog published a crease pattern for a very similar looking wallet based on the same shape and folding scheme. Not that they are related in any way, but just the odd coincidence of two people creating the identical shape both for the purpose of holding personal items- it’s funny.

Regardless, the origami purse certainly costs some absurd amount of money costs a reasonable 60 euros, whereas the origami wallet-fold design is free under a Creative Commons license!



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