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hexagonal origami purse @ Dutch Design Week

So I was perusing through the wonderful photo galleries at from all these different design competitions and shows, looking for examples of folded furniture, clothing, houses, and other fun bits. And I came across this hexagonal folding origami-inspired purse, from Dutch Design Week 2005 ( Designprijzen 05 ). It’s doubly interesting to me, as Phil over at The Fitful Flog published a crease pattern for a very similar looking wallet based on the same shape and folding scheme. Not that they are related in any way, but just the odd coincidence of two people creating the identical shape both for the purpose of holding personal items- it’s funny.

Regardless, the origami purse certainly costs some absurd amount of money costs a reasonable 60 euros, whereas the origami wallet-fold design is free under a Creative Commons license!



  1. It’s a good shape and was just waiting for exploitation.

    A friend saw the Three Card Monte wallet recently and commented that it would look good in leather. I agree. A nice, thin glove leather, maybe, with plastic strips on the edges for a bit of snap. If any entrepreneurs or venture capitalists come looking, they will know where to find me.


  2. i’m the designer of the hexagon bag and i feld the need to react to this article:
    where did the writer find info on the price of the bag? i can tell you it’s only 60 euro. That’s not an “absurd amount of money” for a designerbag, is it?
    anyway, the hexagon is part of a series of bags, called polygons, most in leather.
    they can be seen on

  3. Administrator says

    My apologies, ferry- you are quite correct, 60 euros is quite reasonable for a designer leather bag.

    thank you for pointing out the proper pricing and a link- I’ll post a new article with the correct pricing and some more of your fabulous polygon bags!

  4. I was wondering if your bag and my bag contents is that similar, even if we live in different ends of the world, but also doing different things in life, having different use of the items we carry, but we still carry the same things… Imagine how many millions of bags there are with similar contents…

    I guess life of thieves these days is a piece of cake: they can tell exactly what you carry by the type of bag you have, so they don’t need to steel a PC if they want a MacBook 😉

  5. I wonder how many out there realise that leather isn’t just from a cow. Many animals from sheep, goat and pig have their skins produced into leather bags and other clothing too! We love leather bags.

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