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Origami Joel, spotted on flickr

origami joel

Originally uploaded by jenel.

came across this post on flickr with the tag “origami” (yes, I see them all- I’m addicted, what can I say?)

I thought to myself, “wow, it looks like he’s folding a tessellation”…

if you look at the picture in full size, you’ll see he’s folding a Fujimoto (tower?) tessellation- you know, that amazingly popular one that everyone seems to fold.

the amazing bit is the fact that his pleats are TINY. it’s crazy. I would love to talk to this guy about his work! and learn some of his techniques, while I’m at it.

Origami Joel, if you come across this post, please get in touch with me- I’d love to get some pointers from you!

UPDATE: see new article with photos about Joel here!


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