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Origami on the Go 2.0

I found this while digging around on the net- it’s called Origami on the Go 2.0, and is theoretically some kind of freeware app for the Palm handheld. I don’t have a Palm, being more chained to the MS product line for work reasons, so I can’t test this- perhaps there is an intrepid reader out there who can download this (purportedly free) application and give it a test run? I’d be interested to hear from you about it, if you do.

you can get it from here:

Origami on the Go, 2.0



  1. M. Sutton says

    I downloaded the Origami on the go program and put it on my tungston|e palm pilot. The program runs the crane program correctly but the pull down menu causes the PDA to force a reset and reboot. I tried it again and got the same result. The only origami model I can find that works with this program is the crane. The program seems to be usless for anything other than learning the crane, which is only one of millions of models in the origami world.

  2. Administrator says

    Really? that’s disappointing to hear. I was hoping it would be a bit more useful than that.

    Making the Palm reset itself isn’t such a good thing.

    Oh well, it was worth a try, right? at least it didn’t cost anything to try it out.

  3. MIkeS says

    I have had this program on my Tungsten|T3 for a couple of months and had no trouble with it. Also you can download over 50 projects from the Web Site It’s probably best to store them on a SD card rather than in RAM though!

  4. hmmm, this program really is a labor of love on someone’s part.

    Good to hear it works decently for some people- again, always interested to hear from others on whether it works for you or not, and what you think of it!

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