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Tokyoahead – Masters of Origami Exhibition, Hangar 7, Salzburg

Tokyoahead – Masters of Origami Exhibition, Hangar 7, Salzburg

I found a nice photo gallery of the exhibits from the Masters of Origami exhibition in Austra this year. Since the website for the event was practically unusable due to a horrendous flash design, I found this to be much more approachable.

I had a chance to see the book produced for this event last Sunday at our monthly Origami Minnesota meeting. (thanks Carol!) It’s quite well put together, although as always I would have preferred more images. Not sure it is worth the cost, but I’m more of a blueprint kind of guy, and less a coffee-table-book person.

Here’s a few images from the website:

edit: hotlinked photos don’t work. Sorry, webmaster! my apologies.

Please proceed to the website directly to check out the photos. thanks!


  1. Hi,

    its the “Tokyoahead Webmaster” speaking 🙂
    Thanks for removing the hotlinks. I did not mind them here actually since you linked to my site. Its more that somebody else started to use it excessively and so I switched it off for all…

    so thanks for quoting my page


  2. Administrator says

    No problem! I apologise for that.

    Some people get mad if I host the images locally, and link to the site- others get upset if I hotlink. sometimes it feels like I can’t win.

    So now I make a small thumbnail on my site, and link to their page for the full size.

    I appreciate your wonderful photos of the convention!

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