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Flor, reverse side, backlit (by Mélisande)

Flor, reverse side, backlit

Originally uploaded by Melisande*.

Mélisande folds Jane’s Flor (flower) model, using some of the wonderful precreased paper she received as a gift.

I like this model for many reasons, but the best reason is the various underlying geometries- when you look at it in different ways, it takes on different kinds of shapes.

I really like the levels of shading and play of color on this- it seems so very complex and many-layered!

the 3d triangle polyhedra pleat-intersection really goes a long way to heightening the depth and light-play of this piece.

here are the other photos of this work, too:

Flor, backlit



  1. Joel Cooper (origami joel) says

    This is a really nifty tessellation. Great balance of pattern and depth. I like the raised triangles at the 120 degree intersections. Great paper too, what kind is it?

  2. Administrator says

    I’m not sure what sort of paper it is; she sent me a small tessellation folded out of this same paper, so I’ll check it more carefully tomorrow and see if I can find out.

    Or, you could leave a comment on the flickr page, and most likely she will see it…

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