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Amber (origami dog)


Originally uploaded by Chosetec.

Brian Chan folded this amazing model of his late dog, Amber.

I think it’s one of the best representational origami models I have seen, ever.

And definitely one of the cutest!

my apologies, Brian- I knew that your dog passed away, but somehow I didn’t put the two together until Boaz reminded me. This design makes a wonderful tribute, indeed.


  1. Katherine says

    omg, that is soooo cute! how did u make that? send me the folding instructions, please!

  2. it is cute, but I did not create it. It was designed and folded by Brian Chan, whose website is here:

    It’s a model of his family’s beloved and departed pet, Amber.

    I have to imagine it’s quite complicated to fold; Brian is known for creating some insanely complex designs!

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