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Folding the Impossible, redux

tessellated stars

tessellated stars, by Origomi

Took the “impossible” folding routine to a larger scale, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Rest assured, though, that I won’t be incorporating cutting into my future work- I think this was a one-time thing just to satisfy my desire to see this pattern realized in paper.

And, as always, something new was discovered in the folding of this, which hopefully will allow me to achieve some previously unobtainable goals.

Happy folding!


  1. Administrator says

    hehe… well, this shape is impossible to fold (as shown here) otherwise. So I made a slight diversion from my normal “no tools / no cuts” routine, although the actual cuts made were very small and minor! just enough to allow the star vertices to fold properly. they don’t show up in the final model unless you pull it apart or bend it quite a bit.

    I like the way it looks, though. It’s a nice pattern.

  2. Kevin says

    yeah yeah i agree….
    i really got to start working on my trying to fold on a equalateral triangle down
    i can fold squares just fine tho…

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