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Tessellations Galore @ Orimeeting in Santiago

Jose posted this large gallery of photos from the recent Orimeeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The best part, though? He put up another whole section of tessellation photos! There are some really beautiful ones in here, including quite a few that I have never seen before- designed by people I have never heard of. Time for me to start doing some research!

Tessellation Gallery Link


  1. Mélisande says

    Many beautiful things !
    But N° 7 (attributed to Robert Lang) is dangerously reminiscent of your star twist 1…

  2. Administrator says

    Yes, I think they are the same thing; I asked Jose if he could clarify that for me with the person who folded all these wonderful items.

    If it turns out that he has a similar model, then I suppose I will go back and update some of my pages. I think it might just be a typo, though. (there were a few others that Jose pointed out.)

    Regardless, someone really loves tessellations! I like to see these kinds of photos!

  3. Mélisande, Eric- it was a mistake made with no bad intention. I have just seen these comments so I wanted to let everyone know that we fixed it and said tessellation now points to the correct author, Eric and only Eric 🙂

  4. Administrator says

    Yes, Jose fixed that quite a while ago- I forgot I commented on it here. Sorry about that, Jose!

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