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Leaf (by Hideaki Azuma)


Originally uploaded by Mélisande*.

Melisande folds up this stellar model from AZUMA Hideaki, who’s blog ManyFolds in Variety is noteworthy reading (and previously unmentioned on this blog, apparently. not sure how I missed posting it!)

This particular version is a modification by Melisande, which I think I actually like more than the original.


  1. Thank you for your interest on my site.
    > more than the original
    Because of some elasticity of origami and the lack of experience to take photographs and treat digital images [on Photoshop] at that time…

  2. Administrator says

    Hello Azuma-san!

    (or should I say Azuma-sensei? I have learned much from your site!)

    Your designs and thoughts are always very interesting; I read your page often. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with such wonderful diagrams- I have learned many things from reading your website.

    your “cruciform shapes” series lately has been greatly appealing to me- thank you, again!

    I appreciate your work and your willingness to share it with the world.

    -Eric Gjerde

  3. Mélisande says

    Technical note : none of my pictures are photoshoped. I don’t own this software and I’m not interested in image manipulation.
    When weather allows, I take picture with natural light, it yields the best contrasts and 3D effects.

  4. Administrator says

    I like tweaking the color levels, etc- the light at my work desk is horrible, and setting things up “the right way” has been an obstacle.

    but yes, when natural light is available that is the best choice! I love looking at tessellations held up against morning sunlight.

  5. I should have to put the following phrase in my preceding comment:
    “As far as concerned with pictures on my site,”
    I only intended to mention about myself; it might be proved lack of my experience in writing English… Pardon me.

  6. Supplement articles with images of modified folded leaves (and those diagrams) uploaded to the “ManyFolds in another Variety” as follows:
    Some continuation of “leaves and variations” -1-
    Some continuation of “leaves and variations” -2-.

  7. I would like to introduce some more supplement articles with pictures and diagrams uploaded to “ManyFolds in another Variety” as follows:
    Some continuation of “leaves and variations”: -3-, -4-, -5-, -5′-, -5″-, -6-, and -6′-.

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