Month: February 2006

links for 2006-02-25

Triangular Number — From MathWorld interesting numbers and things that they do. I’m jumping in to learning Mathematica (again!) so if you’re disinterested in all things math, just ignore these posts… (tags: math triangular numbers geometry) Tiling in Grand Marais, MN a little news story from a town in my state near our favorite campground. I need to check out some of these people the next time I’m up there. (tags: grandmarais MN minnesota tiling mosaics)

The 14 Different Types of Convex Pentagons that Tile the Plane

Posting this, as several people have been playing around with pentagons lately: The 14 Different Types of Convex Pentagons that Tile the Plane (at a wonderful set of visual examples of the 14 known tilings. I found (re-found?) this site, from another site I have bookmarked- Marjorie Rice’s pentagonal tessellation page: worth looking at as well, especially this design…

Pentagonal tiling ideas, and Getting Things Done

Pentagonal tiling ideas Originally uploaded by Ori-gomi. I’ve been trying some different ideas with pentagonal tilings as of late, and this is one of the more successful ideas that came out of the exploration. It reminds me a lot of a pattern made by Melisande: butterfly tessellation (on flickr.) You can see my attempts to recreate the original pattern using voronoi tessellations here: which I also mentioned on this blog post a few days ago. ah- you can also see Melisande’s folded version here: Anyway, I had shelved the ideas for the time being, as my efforts to obtain the proper tiling using that particular set of angles was proving to be infuriating; things like 105 degree angles just aren’t easy to fold. So after setting that aside, I came across a mosque tiling from Iran which had a particularly interesting dodecagonal tessellation (more on these later, when I can post more photos & give it the proper writeup it deserves). In an attempt to generate a slightly easier variant of that mosque tiling, I …

links for 2006-02-22

Origamian Blog Japan(仮) – 受信箱 origami blog pulling in posts from many other origami blogs in Japan. (tags: japanese origami blog) Phiculator, the Golden Ratio calculator from Thismanslife : Design, Graphics, Photography // James Mellers, Nottingham UK Exactly what it says! a free software calculator for Phi. (tags: calculator math software free phi goldenratio fibonacci design) Sorry for the dupe link- whatever I post to my bookmarks gets posted here. I try to avoid the duplication, but sometimes it happens. In this case, I didn’t want to forget the location of the Phiculator! -Eric