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3.12.12 reverse

3.12.12 reverse

Originally uploaded by freeflyfrog77.

A very slick dodecagon tessellation by freeflyfrog77 on Flickr. This must have taken a LOT of time to fold! There’s a lot of pleats in there.

I like the way the irregular dodecagons tessellate nicely with simple triangles. Check out his photostream for more photos of the front and back of this piece!


  1. Thomas Millet (Freeflyfrog77) says

    Ironicaly it did not take as long to fold as you think. The way the colapse works it precreases the 30 degree offsets for you. I’ll try to get a CP for everyone.

  2. Administrator says

    Thomas, if you can sketch out a basic CP on paper (or print out one of my hex PDF and fill in the lines on it) I can make one in Adobe Illustrator really easily for you.

    If you want, of course!

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