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8-sided Compass Rose jar by Oschene

This is my first attempt at folding Phil’s (aka Oschene) 8 sided Compass Rose Jar (with Iris closure). what a title!

His wonderful sequenced CP is here:

I had some trouble with it, because I printed it out on my laserjet – no color indicators as to fold orientation. However it’s pretty easy to figure out.

I really like the way it collapses into itself by doing a funky twist- it was non-intuitive at first, but now it seems so easy!

definitely good to have crisp paper on this one. mushy small paper doesn’t work too well.

Thanks again for sharing this with us! I appreciate it.


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  2. Bummer, I was trying to pingback and I spammed all over your comments. Please delete ad libitum.

    What I was trying to reference:

    oschene said,

    Man, I still haven’t gotten that trackback thing down, conceptually. It’s hard to be Web 2.0 with a rotary telephone mind.

    But I am glad you got it to work. That twisty collapse is something I use in a lot of models, probably far too many.

    This morning, on the bus, I was working on a model for St. Patrick’s Day which will have an Irish iris closure. Aye-de-aye-de-aye, it’s the Cavan way….

    Now, how do I get this to ping back to you?

  3. Administrator says

    well, the pingback thing usually works in one direction- you can do exactly what you did, but wordpress normally won’t refer in a loop like that.

    Since your blog is a source of self-published materials, and you’re not being lazy like me and just linking to everything under the sun, there isn’t as much pingback going outbound as much as ones coming in to you.

    You’re quite welcome to spam my comments as much as you want, though, I enjoy having things to read!

    speaking of “web 2.0” I’m contemplating putting an ad on Craigslist to find someone to sort out my horrific wordpress setup. I want a bunch of things changed but it’s more work than I want to do to make it happen. (and I’m a technology worker! I thought I was supposed to like this stuff.)

    Seriously though, I need some kind of obsessed blog addict to rework my pages, get a color scheme, some pictures, etc etc etc. That person is not me. I wonder what I would have to pay to get it done?

  4. Kevin says

    you could probably find someone that is just a blog freak to do it for you like i know some of my friends just make blog skins just for the heck of it…
    It seems really wierd in a sense but try asking someone then try paying them….

    With the jar i like how the lines contrast with one another…

    also have you ever tried to make origami to see how much weight it could hold up?
    like how much stuff you could stack on top?

  5. Administrator says

    I did that when I was a kid, using balsa wood- it was a competition thing in the “Olympics of the Mind”, which is called something else these days.

    I’ve made some origami structures (by accident) that have held up an amazing amount of weight; I can’t say I’ve ever tried to measure it, though.

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