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pentagons and negative stars

Wow. Joel took the pentagonal negative space thing and really ran with it! Check out this amazing design he’s working on.

I think the larger pentagon twist in the center (which could fit a star inside it, from a size perspective) might help to lend some larger tessellation-oriented stability to the pattern. It will need some other shapes thrown in, but I think there’s a lot of promise in this. I’m amazed by it already- folding pentagons is hard work! there’s a whole lot of reference creases there that need to be worked out, etc.

Only Joel can get away with calling this “hurriedly designed”, by the way. The rest of us would most likely call it “painstakingly done”.

I’m hoping to see something like this backlit; if he gets a CP for it, I’ll try to get it onto something thin and transparent to see what it looks like.

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