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Folding a star in negative space

Working on some new ideas, and coming up with some methods for more complex tilings.

It occurred to me that if I can’t fold a shape because it has non-convex vertices, then I can fold a set of shapes around it to create the shape out of “negative space”, and thusly hint to it’s existence even if it’s not actually there.

So, this is a first in a series of experiments. There were MANY ways to collapse and fold this piece, and I had to settle on only one- that was frustrating! but it’s relatively easy to create, and if you do all the required precreasing it pretty much just falls into shape on it’s own. very neat.

here’s the reverse (which is also beautiful!):

Folding a star in negative space, reverse


  1. Rich M. says

    Nice stuff – The negative space approach is very clever. I must find more time for folding (anyone need a couple young kids?… Joking).

  2. Administrator says

    watching kids & folding don’t usually go hand in hand, do they?

    We don’t have any kids yet, so I still have time for these kinds of things, but no doubt that will change one of these days.


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