Month: March 2006

Tessellation design ideas from around the world

I uploaded a number of image plates from Owen Jones’ 1853 classic work on design and ornamentation, “The Grammar of Ornament”. This is a favorite book of mine, which I have in a handy portable edition. The images I uploaded are all tessellation related, which I found to be interesting or inspirational. You can find them here: Here’s a sample image: There’s 45 images in all. I also uploaded a good selection from a later work, Alexander Speltz’s 1906 book titled “Styles of Ornament”. Here’s a sample from that collection: 22 images in total. I’m still looking for a great book with nothing but tessellation designs from mosques, especially the mosque patterns from Shia mosques in the Syria/Iraq/Iran region. Until then, these old collections are quite helpful, and the price is right. If you find these interesting I’d highly suggest picking up a nice, large copy for yourself via or other online book seller- they are quite inexpensive. -Eric I neglected to add a link to my original source for these images! It …

links for 2006-03-26

RioForm : Daniel Lafer Daniel Lafer is a designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He creates some extraordinary lamps, primarily made from “multitherm” – a glass fibre that can be molded to any shape. Of special note (to me) is his “Origami” lamp… (tags: lamp lamps lighting design art lafer daniellafer rio) Honey: honeycomb polypropylene bench Interesting collapsible honeycomb bench/chair/seat/table device from Charles Kaisin. $1400 US for an expandable bench seems a bit much, to me, but that’s just my opinion. (tags: kaisin honeycomb honey expandable design chair bench seat)

This Week in Origami Tessellations – March 24, 2006

This has been a busy week for everyone in the Origami Tessellations photo pool on Flickr, or so it would seem! I can’t say enough good things about my fellow tessellators- it’s just a wonderful joy seeing all the new and fascinating works pop up every day, from all corners of the world. updated to include works from Fredrik Owesen and Jorge Lucero- sorry about that, guys! We’ll start off with some new pieces uploaded by John McKeever: This piece, called “Stellations of the Dodecagon”, has to be one of the best examples of detailed folding work that I’ve ever seen. Fans of McKeever’s artwork (myself included!) are keenly aware of his attention to detail, and wonderful choices of paper. This design is, of course, no exception.

Babylonian King

mask 8a Originally uploaded by origami joel. Another amazing mask from Joel Cooper. It reminds me very much of the Assyrian and Persian artwork of ancient times- especially the heavily stylized beard. The detail on the eyelids, nose, and lips astound me. Click through to his Flickr photostream for another photo in 3/4 view, as well as many other wonderful pictures. (For some reason I missed posting this earlier in March. oops!) -Eric