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plaster mold of origami tessellation, by Fredrik Owesen


Originally uploaded by Owesen.

Fredrik Owesen had previously discussed making a 3d mold of one of his tessellations.

Now, it appears that he has pulled it off! I’m very interested in learning the details of this process, especially how he so accurately captured the interior spaces.

A fantastic concept- I’ve long imagined how wonderful it would be to create tiles based on some 3d tessellations, but I had no idea it would look so striking! Hopefully now that he’s figured out a process, we’ll see more designs like this.

How wonderful would it be to make a tiled mosaic tessellation using patterned tiles made up of tessellations? The recursion levels alone would leave my geometry-loving heart pounding.

Looking forward to more of this artwork, Fredrik!


  1. Kevin says

    yes! yes!
    when a design does come out please post a link for some kind of instructions!
    i am very intrested in making 3D tessalations… I’ve come up with one to date…

  2. Administrator says

    Hey, this is doubly cool as it could be fired from clay… that would allow you to tile your bathroom with tessellation tiles!

  3. Kevin says

    possibly but wouldn’t hurt to step on it?
    though it defiantly would look good as tiles with different colors

  4. They would be put on a wall, if on the floor a layer of glass or similar would be placed above them perhaps. In the case of them applied to a wall, they would be impractical, as water would gather in the various concave parts of the model. For that kind of use all the upward-facing polygons would need to be angled downwards, so that water would run off them.

  5. Kevin says

    i see that is a good idea!
    however making a mold of it then being able to fire it would be impossible unless you carved these by hand…which would take far too long…

  6. Kevin says

    oh wait nvm i just figured out it was a plaster model ^_~””’

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