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More leaf fold variations from Hideaki Azuma

Hideaki Azuma pointed out quite a few updates to his original leaf fold design, mentioned here a few weeks back.

On his further explorations of this concept, he runs through a large number of variations on paper size, shape, fold angles, folding patterns, and more. Some of them are really just fascinating structures.

This one reminds me of Melisande’s variant of his original leaf fold.

He progresses through a number of diffferent leaf shapes, and then starts going into some heavily twisted topology, like these ones (my favorites):

square twist tower

square twist tower

These twisted shapes remind me a lot of Philip Chapman-Bell‘s (aka Oschene) 3d boxes and jars- I love the way all these things just spring up out of a flat sheet of paper.

Much interesting and fertile ideas here. Thank you, Azuma-san!


  1. Kevin says

    yeah they do remind me of Oschene’s work!
    they always are cool to look at and make!

  2. Some suggestion for folding order of creases on a leaf like structure, those I have learned from experience in making such models:
    1st: a diagonal crease [to be a “mid-lib” of the leaf],
    2nd: two parallel slant segments [the hypotenuses of right triangles on both sides (crease firmly)],
    3rd: parallel horizontal segments [to be placed in between two slant hypotenuses, (crease carefully)],
    4th: nerves of the leaf, appropriate diagonals on trapezoidal cells along the mid-lib, diagonal of the square (crease patiently, not to be nervous…)].
    Then a square sheet of origami might be formed into the shape just as needed.
    Best regards.

  3. Administrator says

    Arigato Gozaimasu, Azuma-san!

    I spent much time today folding leaves and leaf-like structures- your information is very helpful!

  4. Pingback: What is the best/correct way to describe these type of shapes? Antiprism/Polyhedron?

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