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Pollinating Butterflies (Fujimoto Remix)


Originally uploaded by noisia.

Noisia (a wonderfully creative newcomer to origami tessellations) folded this great remix of Fujimoto’s Hydrangea and Crowding Butterflies, giving it the title of “Pollinating Butterflies”.

I think this is a wonderful design- taking the Hydrangea model (how many times have we seen this pattern over and over?) and making it fresh by adding in something new, breathing new life into the piece.

It’s really creative work- stepping from learning tessellations to making such impressive stuff in a few weeks is amazing! There’s a lot of other interesting things there, too, and hopefully more to come.

Keep up the good work!


  1. Nice, but if this could be done, then the central pattern could be tessellated, which would look nice, good diference in depth across the model.

  2. Administrator says

    Yeah, I think it’s really creative- I was pleasantly surprised to see it show up. Very clean lines, and a good mixture of the originals to get something altogether new and interesting.

    I’m looking forward to more interesting things from noisia!

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