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Caio Malta fight video

This is totally unrelated to origami, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

Caio Malta

My Brazilian co-worker was in an “Ultimate Cage Fight” this last weekend- he knocked out his opponent in 7 seconds with one kick. My wife and I went to the event, which honestly was pretty bizarre- but it was really fun to cheer for my friend and see him accomplish what he has been training for these last 6 months.

here’s the link:

Don’t watch this if you’re easily disturbed!

Looking forward to your next crazy cage fight, Caio.

See more info from his friend’s website here, including photos and the fight poster.

This won’t be a common sidestep from my normal website content, but it was just weird enough to share it with those of you who know me. For those of you who don’t- this isn’t my normal taste in entertainment 🙂



  1. Joel, you should have seen the other guys at the bar- some of them really made me rather nervious.

    There were a lot of cops there that night! 5 squad cars right outside, and there were two of them right behind us the whole time- along with all the bouncers and bar security people.

    Not really my kind of drinking establishment!

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