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YOAS (yet another octagonal star)

Meus apologies for the continual stream of octagonal star shapes. I’m doing something with it, I promise.

Found a new, interesting folding method, and adapted it to fit the paper slightly better.

Also, I felt the big empty space in the middle really needed to be filled with something, so I decorated it a bit.

(My apologies also if my lettering is a bit off- I don’t speak Arabic, and heavily stylized Kufi is all I’m comfortable with trying to do. I wasn’t sure if including the alif was proper or not but it seemed better to keep it. Please let me know if this is incorrect and I will work differently in the future.)

I’ve discovered a number of new methods of folding some of these more complex polygonal shapes lately, which hopefully will speed up some of the work I’m doing on completing larger, more complex designs.

The larger works aren’t portable, sadly, so the spare time I have during my commute can’t be used to fold them- and lately it’s been the only free time I have had, which I hope explains the lack of more complex design work as of late. Hopefully I’ll get things straightened out and I’ll have more to share with you soon.


  1. judy says

    Just came across your site. Amazing!!! Glad I found it. As much as I love origami, it’s just too hard for me. Keep up the good work!! Judy

  2. Administrator says

    Thank you, Judy- I’m glad you like it!

    Origami is one of those things that takes time and repetition to become better at, and it’s a never-ending learning curve, really. For some people it’s just not something they can do- in the same way I am unable to roll my R’s, or to see this weird 3d “hidden picture” images.

    Everyone has their niche, and for better or worse I suppose origami is mine…


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