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Joel Cooper’s Pentagons and Negative Stars

Pentagons and Negative Stars

I posted a CP of Joel Cooper’s very impressive piece titled “Pentagons and Negative Stars”, folded back in March. He drew out a CP for the design and posted it on his Flickr page, and with his permission I have recreated it as a PDF in vector format.

For more details, go to the download page:


  1. Joel Cooper says

    Thanks for posting this, Eric. I’d love to share my models, but I just don’t have the patience to provide adequate instructions. Luckily, there are techno-types (I almost said “geeks”, sorry) who will take the trouble. As for rights to my folds, I say if you can figure them out, you can have them. Just tell folks where you found it.

  2. Lorenzo Marchi says

    I think I’ll soon give it a try cause I love pentagons and stars, and there is a pentagonal twist in the middle!! 🙂

  3. Administrator says

    Hey, thanks for making a CP of it, Joel! it’s a lot of work, and I appreciate it.

    You can say “geeks” – I’m a super geek, and I’m quite proud of it. it’s not a bad term to use!

    I think this one would look really nice folded out of some of the Wyndstone Marble paper, I’m going to give it a try here once the paper shows up at my house.

    Lorenzo: if you do try it, make sure you post some photos on Flickr! Pentagons are tricky to fold, getting the angles right and everything is very difficult.

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