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Living under the Sea, A Zombie Sealife Dream

Living under the Sea

Originally uploaded by EricGjerde.

I read a strange article about “whale fall” yesterday, and part of the discussion involved specialized species that capitalize on such events.

The one that really caught my eye was “bone eating zombie worms”.

So, needless to say, I had bizarre dreams last night about what a bone-eating zombie worm would look like, and this morning while working on some paperfolding I ended up with this purely by accident.

It looks a little friendly, so perhaps it’s a vegetarian zombie worm?

No doubt it has nothing in common with the carnivorous bone-eating variety, but it looked enough like an ocean worm of some sort for my tastes.

What sort of interesting intermediate shapes do you come across while folding? I always like to play with the pleated paper like this before I go on to fold other things with it. Maybe sometimes it’s OK for us to just stop at this point and admire it as-is?


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