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Roundup post for 2006

Hi there everyone. I’ve been a little busy lately, going a bit bonkers with projects and some new 2007 craziness at work. Just posting some quick links and general end-of-the-year roundup bits here.

In case you missed it before, I uploaded some photos from my trip to the Italian origami convention in Verbania. I can’t lay claim to them being amazingly wonderful photos, but there’s some nice stuff in there, and lots of tessellations (what a shock, I know.) Make sure to check out the nice pieces by Sipho Mabona, who I had the great pleasure of finally meeting in person. (his flickr page: I was also very excited to meet Ralf Konrad, to see my good friend Mélisande again, as well as Roberto Gretter and several other nice people that I ran into at the OUSA convention in summer 2006.

OK, so moving on… I’d also like to point out the really interesting work coming from Ray Schamp and Polly Verity, and the group they post to most often: Origami Corrugations

There’s a lot of stuff here that I really dig, and it’s a good place for folded pleated goodness. I’m really into 3D pleated structures, and I’m just pleased as punch to know there’s other folks who feel the same way and who actually made a Flickr group about it!

Some other great stuff:

Tachi Tomohiro: so glad he joined Flickr- I love his work and being able to interact with him about it is doubleplusgood

Fernando Sierra (elelvis): I haven’t spoken to him yet, but seeing stuff like this over and over again from different people makes me think that I need to go to Colombia to study! There must be something amazing in the air down there…

Pietro Seminelli: Saw his work via a video link from Mélisande, and I’m floored- check out the leather pillow on his website. It’s fantastic, and I really need to make one just like it to match a chair in my office. That seems like another project for a rainy day, right there…

Marius Watz: I continually get a little buzz from his work, every time I see a new piece. This guy is great. His recent foray into rapid prototyping (with bronze!) is worth checking out, too.

Lots of things going on these days, I’ll try to make a better effort to post things rather than stashing them away with the best intentions of posting them “some day”!

Hope you had a stellar 2006- here’s to a wonderful 2007 and all the great things that the new year brings.


(P.S. – we had a site glitch this last weekend- oops! back up and running now.)

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