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Joel Cooper has a blog!

I’ve been busy with some projects the last few weeks, and have really been out of touch with what’s happening lately. But I was very pleased to hear this morning from Philip that Joel Cooper has a blog! It’s great to see him have more of a web presence, as I see a pretty constant smattering of hits from people looking for him and his work- now there’s somewhere more concrete for them to see. (You’d think people could track down his contact info via Flickr, but somehow that rarely seems to happen- go figure.)

So congrats on the new undertaking, Joel, I’m looking forward to seeing new things from you! And I heartily encourage anyone else who is folding on a regular basis to consider starting a website/blog/etc to have a “home” for your web presence- it helps to connect people to you, and gives others a centralized starting point to refer to. This is a big plus, and very helpful for folks who want to find your work. Good all around!


  1. Joel Cooper says

    Thanks, Eric – the blog thing’s just getting started, so I don’t know what will be on it just yet, but stay tuned and we’ll see where it goes.

  2. Hey, a web presence is good no matter what- glad to see it, and I wanted to do my part to help make it the main google hit for your name 🙂

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