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Yoshi – Paper Artist from Venezuela

Today, I came across the most amazing paper artist on flickr- Yoshi, from Venezuela. Very much into the pleating and corrugating way of things, he has some marvelous pieces of work on display; please go and visit, and admire some of this work.

He has this to say:

I’m a self-taught guy who often works folding, drawing or cutting paper, which is my favorite and, almost, exclusive media. I’m practicing this since I was six years old (now I’m 29), first as a hobby, after my obsession with games where you win real money and, three years ago, as my way for living. Some of my sorts of inspiration are the geometrical patterns used for sacred decoration in India and the Islam world. In my work (paper folding, kiri-e and drawing) I have three fields of investigation: arts (mural decorations & photos), industrial design (lamps and other utilitary objects) and fashion (dresses and accessories), where arts are the most important, an the other two provide me with practice and some knowledge.

South America truly has some of the best and brightest of the paper artists in the world. Every time I find another gifted creator it convinces me further that I need to plan a visit to Colombia and Venezuela (and don’t forget all the tessellators in Chile!)

My apologies for the huge photo post here, but I wanted to share so many of these images with you. This is only a taste!

I’m particularly interested in learning about his molding and casting processes… I hope to learn more soon.

-Eric Gjerde

(Ray and Polly, this post is for you!)

There are also some additional images done by my flickr contact Liu Prato:


  1. Ooh, thank you! Looks like this guy is into the same things as us — contorting corrugations, corrugation clothing. It’s interesting that this type of folding attracts the arty types (Polly).

  2. Thought you might like his work- it made me think of both of you.

    I am impressed with the artistic photography work here, it adds a lot to the overall package.

  3. BRDParker says

    Those are some pretty awesome corregations (waterbombs… 😉 )… Impressive work…

    Thanks for the post Eric

  4. I do love a good find- and Yoshi was like stumbling across a treasure chest full of gold bars!

    I’m going to have to start digging around deeper on Flickr, so much good stuff hidden away in there.

    Really interested in seeing some of his work in person, thinking I need to find a way to do so and soon!

  5. belen says

    eeeeeeeeeeso, yoshi!!
    qué chévere están tus origamis!! por fin me pude meter en la página para verte.
    te felicito! en serio has logrado mucho desde que te conozco. aún guardo un panda pequeño que me hiciste para un cumpleaños (creo que para el 2001). cuando seas aún más famos lo podré subastar y ser millonaria… jejejejeje…
    besitos, loquillo!!

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  7. Gro Bennett says

    Fantastic photos,so many exciting and original ideas. Many thanks.

  8. Marian says

    I am an architecture student currently working on my thesis
    with origami specifically studying 2D tessellations and crease
    patterns to design a structure, or performative aspect involving
    flexibility within a structure. I would potentially develop a ceiling
    system or installation beginning with these methods of origami.

    I have found your site and your work particularly helpful and I’m
    figuring out how I can use simulation programs and how to
    specifically incorporate and develop these methods in architecture.
    I have been working with origami for a few months now and only
    recently began the 2D surfaces and flexible models.

    I would like to know if you have explored origami or folding methods
    in the scale of architecture of if you have any specific references
    in this direction.

    I would appreciate any information you could provide.

    Thank you very much,
    Meryem Jones

  9. Jorge Orozco says

    Estimado Yoshi, mi nombre es Jorge orozco y soy el actual Presidente de la Asociación de origami de Venezuela. En Septiembre 2009 se realizará la Segunda Convención de rigami en Venezuela: Origami Caracas 2009. Quisiera comunicarme contigo para conversar al respecto. Gracias desde ya por la atención

  10. iraida antequera(caracas- venezuela) says

    hola yoshi es iraida, hace mucho pero mucho tiempo fui participante del taller de tinta y agua del que tu fuiste instructor, lei tu entrevista en el nacional, maravillosa, y lo que veo de tu trabajo, ALUCINANTE. felicitacioes

  11. Yoshi says

    Jorge e Iraida, esta página pertenece al Sr. Eric Gjerde, quien amablemente escribió este artículo, no tenía idea de que habían escrito por esta vía.
    Gracias por los comentarios, si desean ponerse en contacto directo conmigo lo pueden hacer a través de mi e-mail:, la misma dirección que uso para mi flickr. Por cierto Iraida, claro que te recuerdo, espero prontas noticias tuyas!

    Eric, thanks again for this article, I’m about to send you some new pictures from my more recent exhibition in Caracas.
    Hope everything is all right!
    Best regards.


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