Easy Origami Links

I see a lot of traffic coming here because people are doing searches for basic origami things; especially people searching for “origomi” instead of “origami”.

If that describes the reason you came to this site, I’d suggest the following links:

money origami
Bob Nienhuis’s money origami page
folds.net easy origami tutorials
Origami Underground (origami models for adults only)
British Origami Society
Marc Kirschenbaum’s Origami Page
Monkey.org tells you how to make an origami crane
Meenakshi’s huge page of modular origami diagrams
Sarah’s (of megatokyo fame) origami site
wannalearn.com’s links (many of the same sites, and several more for instructions

Hope that helps you get started down the road to some easy origami folding!

If you are looking for origami tessellations and more complex origami, take a look at some of the many links on my links page.

Octagonal Star Twist, backlit, WIP

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  1. Where can I buy colored glassine paper? It was recommended in the book, but I can’t find any on line and when I ask at paper stores, they don’t know what glassine paper is. Please give a place where it can be purchased and is there a weight requirement such as 20 lb or 30 lb?

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