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diagramming is hard. (duh.)

So I’ve been trying to find ways to do some documentation/diagramming of one of my models, to actually get something done. I picked the star twist tessellation, as you can fold a pretty decent one (that’s not really a tessellation, as we’re not repeating it, but let’s not nitpick.)

I folded one up, well unfolded one really, and started tracing out all the creases on it. ugh. there’s a lot of silly little folds there! although I think doing this for all my models will probably give me a better sense of how they work, as I have to sit and think about parts of it that I just fold instinctively when I’m creating things.

I’d post a shot of the work in progress here, but I haven’t hooked up my scanner in a while so I don’t want to dig it out of the closet at the moment. (yes, I’m just that lazy).

and of course I’ll slap it on flickr, just because I really really like putting stuff on flickr. it makes my day. especially getting random feedback from people; it’s nifty.

more than ANYTHING I was amazed to see people looking at this page other than myself. that’s a bit shocking, really. glad you people found this interesting enough to actually sit through a post or two. I have a sign in my office at work that says “YOUR BLOG SUCKS”. I’ve always told myself I’d never have one, because hearing about people’s cats or their hard day at work filing mortgage paperwork is very dull. that’s why I’m trying to stick to a topic that I might have something to talk about, and I’m not whinging on about my hard day at the office. or my cats. because I’m nice like that. or something.

I should mention that I normally capitalize sentences and things of that nature, but my shift key on this PC is a bit dodgy and thusly I’m coming across like a bad mix between e.e. cummings and a 12 year old girl texting on a cell phone. I apologize for that.

I’m trying to gear myself up to go downstairs and cut up some rather fancy imported washi paper that’s been in my art closet for about a year now. Owesen (of flickr fame and international jet-setter) informed me that there’s no excuse not to use it, and I think he’s right. that still doesn’t make me feel any less a sense of dread about cutting up this paper, as I tend to make bad cuts. at least I’m not a surgeon!

hope the weekend finds you all well. happy folding!

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