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I received a great email from Danilo in Chile, with a bunch of great photos attached- I’d like to post them but I’m waiting for his permission first. His origami group in Chile has a website, located at It’s very nicely laid out and has a bunch of stellar photos and diagrams. Someone definitely went through a lot of work to put that site together!

Since there seem to be a bunch of people visiting from Brasil and Chile, I’m going to hit up my nice Brasilian coworker to translate some of my documents and web junk into spanish (and Brasilian Portuguese!) for me. Hopefully he can make it a little better than Babelfish does!

I’m plugging away at some new materials, worked a bit on some existing crease patterns for release but I spent quite a few hours today trying to fold arbitrary angles to see what it takes to solve that problem. and the answer is… lots of math! it hurts my head! something that Alex Bateman should be programming, instead of me trying to figure out with a ruler and folding… I did come up with a pretty freaky pattern (to me) which I will scan and post tomorrow. it actually goes a bit of the way towards solving some complex tessellations of the euclidean plane, which really surprised me a bit. Kind of neat, although I got strung up by not knowing where all the “next folds” should go.

Anyway, that’s for tomorrow!

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