Month: June 2005

Gila O’s 16 square twist

16 SQUARE TWIST Originally uploaded by gila o. Gila folded this over at flickr- she posted 1, 4, 16, and 64 square twisted folds! very fun stuff to fold. And she was nice enough to post it to the Origami Tessellations Group ( thanks for sharing it with us, Gila!

unnamed hexagonal twist tessellation

unnamed hex origami tessellation, top Originally uploaded by Origomi. this is a rather interesting fold, which has a lot in common with some of the star twist tessellations I’ve done in the past. it’s a little different and it gives me more paper to play with in terms of extra folds and pleat lengths. I particularly like the central triangle twist. that made me happy.

John McKeever’s origami tessellations

Ravi Apte pointed me out to the origami tessellations of John McKeever. Some of his folds are rather fantastic, and I applaud his use of the Kawasaki Rose as a tessellation process. I just can’t fold those to save my life; although I’m not really into flowers much anyway so I think it’s OK. I think my favorite photo of his is this one:

Spread Hexagon Tessellation PDF available!

Spread Hexagon Tessellation PDF available! Originally uploaded by Origomi. I just uploaded a NEW diagram of my spread hex tessellation. 6 pages of fun! or something like that, anyway. Take a peek and check it out if it seems like something that would be interesting to you. It’s a much, much easier fold than the star twist I diagrammed first, and it’s significantly better in terms of instructions, some drawings, etc. Hope you like it!