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thoughts on regular polygon tilings

So I’ve been doing a little thinking and exploring about regular and irregular polygon tiling. I’m working right now on some different models depicting the various methods of tiling regular polygons, which honestly is pretty easy to do- I’ve already done quite a few like this so it’s not a challenge, really. I’m looking to have good examples of every type, and to fully depict the possibilities more than anything.

I’ve also been trying to fold tessellations made up of arbitrary angles. I really shouldn’t call these tessellations, as they aren’t, but maybe something closer to aperiodic or chaotic tilings. there’s a LOT of math involved, most of which I don’t understand anymore, so it’s slow and irritating going. but I have found some interesting facts which prove and disprove some things for myself, so I figure that any increase in understanding is a good thing.

I’m taking the next week+ off from work, so hopefully I’ll have a few quiet moments to sit back and think about some of these things and discover some new things (new to me, anyway. there’s nothing new under the sun.)


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