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Angry Sun God! (Aztec Twist, tessellated, backlit)

One of the most complicated things I have ever folded. I promised myself several months ago I would sit down and fold this (after completing the first step, which I diagrammed as a Simple Aztec Twist). Folding instructions for the first step are available online at my website (

I used orange kami for this, mostly because it was the right size and it was available when I started folding. If I ever fold another one of these, I will use something with more translucence and definitely more structural strength. Every tip of the paper in this fold is frayed due to the many, many times it was folded and unfolded.

I hope you enjoy this model, as I certainly was pleased with how it turned out. I hope to capture some better photos once I build a lightbox, but for now I think this will work.

This origami model also shows the directions I’ve been taking lately, moving towards more layered and complex tessellation work- I think I’ve got the basics down pretty well, and now I’m doing things that combine models together. This is really just a combination of two relatively simple tessellations:

this one:

and this one:

These have been combined together to make a much more interesting model. I look forward to taking this grafting technique further, and creating more complex and hopefully interesting models!

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