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offset hex twist (p6m) sketch

offset hex twist (p6m) sketch
Originally uploaded by Ori-gomi.

I’ve folded this design already, and I thought I’d try to diagram it since it looks quite interesting. I’m not sure how one really diagrams or documents the folding process for this sort of thing; while it’s relatively easy, it’s also repetitive and time consuming, so it’s difficult to know quite how to approach it.

anyway, this was my starting point. included below is the flickr commentary.


started working today on a diagram set for a relatively complicated (p6m) tessellation; it’s an interesting thing to fold, although rather time consuming. I have a folded model that is awaiting some time to be photographed properly.

the most interesting part of this design, to me, is the fact that while the top side displays very obvious characteristics of the (p6m) tiling design, the flip side of it is the dual fold of this same tiling, exactly! it is pretty neat to see that take shape in one folded pattern.

the top side info is seen here at wikipedia:

Small Rhombitrihexagonal tiling

the dual is seen here:

Deltoidal trihexagonal tiling

interesting stuff, at least for me!

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