Month: October 2005

logarithmic diamond bowl, bottom

logarithmic diamond bowl, bottom Originally uploaded by Origomi. I’ve been working on this little piece for a while now. just took photos today, though! it’s a circle that has been folded using a logarithmic scaling for pleats that extend from the center of the circle. it makes a rather neat bowl shape, that goes from completely folded up (like a little seed, almost) to a shape that is almost completely flat, like a satellite dish or a (rather pleated) plate. it holds in a great bowl position, though. very nice.

excessively complex test fold, reverse, backlit

excessively complex test fold, reverse, backlit Originally uploaded by Origomi. I’m not showing the front of this as I could not figure out a satisfactory flat-fold collapse for the rather large amount of paper that gathered in the center. I ended up with an insanely thick blob of paper that looks something like a hexagon, which you can tell here by the dark shadow. it did turn out in an interesting fashion, in terms of what was being attempted, and might lead to some interesting future designs on larger paper than this. as it was, the pattern barely fit on very 15cm x 15cm paper that was folded to 5 iterations deep (which is tiny little creases!)

Flickr in leaves

leaves flickr Originally uploaded by alida saxon. totally non-origami post, but a great photo by my friend Alida Saxon which is worth seeing. she was also the kind person who gave me a flickr pro account! her series of photos on sumac leaves, just posted, is certainly worth checking out.