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Origami landscape : stars and clouds over the mountains, backlit

Mélisande brings this amazing artwork to us on flickr, and shatters my mental picture of what is possible and expected from “origami tessellation” pieces.

Is it a tessellation? is it geometric art? is it both? is it neither? I don’t know how to categorize this piece, as I have never seen anything similar to it before. As I mentioned in an initial brief comment on her photo page on Flickr, this is a very moving piece that is reminiscent of many schools of artistic thought and design, as well as different time periods of human history. It reminds me of both Modern design, and ancient paintings on the walls of forgotten civilizations. This is fascinating to me.

I can only hope to see more works like this from Mélisande, and draw inspiration from them.

Beautiful art refreshes and uplifts the soul.

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