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star twist, version 2.1 – nice improvements.

star twist version 2.1, cute, backlit

star twist version 2.1, reverse, backlit

star twist version 2.1, backlit

star twist version 2.1, reverse

star twist version 2.1

star twist version 2.1, WIP, reverse, backlit

star twist version 2.1, WIP, backlit

This is a piece that I have been working on for a while now- it’s the latest version of my star twist tessellation. (it will fill the plane, eventually!)

It uses a logarithmic growth pattern to create a sequence of triangles that follow the fibonacci sequence in their growth, or at least as much as I can predict without folding further and further towards infinity.

You can see some additional photos as well as some initial crease patterns for this design on my local photo gallery.

here’s the cut and pasted flickr description text:


This is based on my original star twist, but is taken quite a bit further.

Have you ever started folding something, which was interesting and complex, only to later realize it was something you had folded before? And you just spent quite a bit of time finding another way to get there?

I realized after folding the star twist version 2 (found here) that it was really the same as my original star twist, but just folded differently to allow for the relatively complex folding sequence. When I started folding my first version back in the spring, I had not explored logarithmic folding or really much of anything yet. Now that I have a few months of research and exploration under my belt, I am able to better recognize what I’m doing. This is a positive thing, in my opinion.

Anyhow, this design uses a pattern based on a lot of triangles, which expand in a logarithmic progression. very pleasing to fold, if not a little bit complicated. Now that I have a few folded, it’s time to disassemble one and build a crease pattern for it. Future attempts should be easier once I know what parts are not required for actual folding, as well as producing a cleaner overall design.


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