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origami-inspired lamp

I know, I know- you’re saying, “I thought this site was about origami…” Well, it is, but I find geometric material manipulation and lighting extremely fascinating, and since I love watching the play of various lights against the pieces I have scattered all over my house, I like to think of new ideas. (BIG thanks to Melisande, by the way, for the tip on the IKEA “TYFT” lamp- a steal at $10! perfect for a display rotation.)

This neat lamp came via, in their lighting category- there’s dozens of lamps here that are just phenomenal. But as always the origami-inspired ones get my closest attention…



Lampshades inspired by origami.

Not your usual fold. Designer Rachel Young writes from New Zealand, “the Fold Lampshade is inspired by origami, the art of folding paper. It began with a fold which I had created and has evolved into the lampshades’ current form.”. She individually hand folds and assembles the shades which are made from plastic. The shade is the first object in a growing collection that investigates both what origami techniques can offer, and the challenges when applied to functional objects. This design must have been a challenge.


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