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Sem Nome Avesso

Sem Nome Avesso

Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

Jane says:

A client of mine once saw me fill out an entry for his dog and put “Sem Nome” (nameless) at the name field (the db required it). He liked it so much that he named his dog “Sem Nome”…

I’m as good as he is when naming things – any sugestions are welcome.

it’s quite OK to just say “Sem Nome Tessellation #1” and stick with it! not everything has to have a name, really… sometimes it’s better to just be able to focus on the art, rather than try to figure out why someone named a piece a particular name.

I personally like going to the art gallery and never looking at the little name cards- it doesn’t do anything other than tell me how to think about some piece of art, and I should be able to make that decision on my own.

Jane has consistently been producing some amazing new origami artworks; I’m always happy to see something new from her show up on my daily “must check” list.

see the other (top!) side of this design here:

Sem Nome

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