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Origami-like Vase is Wonder-ful

ShinyShiny and Gizmodo have a post about a $6 plastic flat vase which turns soft when placed in hot water, and turns into a nice curved 3d vase- and solidifies when put in cold water. interesting concept in flat-packed items!

of course, following the link trail, we get back to the original site at the Jung Seed Company, who says:

The magical vase you shape yourself! Stores flat!
You’ll have loads of fun with this ingenious vase. It comes flat and is as thin as a few sheets of paper. To shape it you simply add hot water and hand form it, then empty the vase and refill it with cold water to ‘freeze’ the shape. After use, empty the vase, rinse in hot water and smooth flat for easy storage. Made of strong, thermal sensitive polymer, it can be used again and again. Measures 11″ by 6″. Ideal for centerpieces, showers and other special occasions. Makes a memorable gift any time of the year. Available in 3 colors.

Each card (blank inside) and envelope comes with a clear Wonder Vase ® featuring a blue crystal tint base. The vase measures 4-3/4″x 8-1/2″. the colorful card and magical vase are sure to delight and surprise the person opening your greeting. A great value–costs little more than a regular greeting card. Cards are available. in 3 colors.

everyone say “mmmmm…. thermal polymers.”

ShinyShiny: wonder vase

Origami-like Vase is Wonder-ful – Gizmodo


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