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I just came across this website: Anytime I find a site that features origami, papercrafting, links that I have seen from, and a reference to Make: Magazine, I know it’s a place I need to keep in my RSS rotation.

Looks to be pretty new, but I’m tossing it into our links section as well as keeping the feed active in my feedreader. (By the way, if you haven’t explored the fun and ease of using RSS to keep up to date on things you’re interested in, check out how!)

I should also give a link to Paper Forest, which is perhaps one of the neatest sites on papercrafting I have seen. another site I check daily.

Interesting side note- Papercraft, when filtered through Japan, becomes Pepakura (or, at least, for some people it does). so you find interesting stuff out there referencing that name as well.

one of those is Pepakura Designer, a shareware program that allows you to import 3d models and turn them into papercraft patterns. Pretty interesting, all in all, although I have to admit I’d prefer not to cut the paper…

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