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lamp idea…

So, after playing around a bit with some “regular tessellations in the Euclidean plane” I thought about making a lamp out of some of them. I found the following photo:

I’m thinking of making it out of some dark wood, and filling the center with some sort of appropriately folded translucent design. I received my copy of Make: magazine (volume 2!) in the mail last week, and there was an article about using Minwax wood hardener to turn cardboard into plastic. I’m tempted to use something like this to completely solidify a folded work, so it’s tear resistant/proof and will be easier to manipulate in a lamp setting.

if I can pull this off it will be pretty nifty, I think. looking forward to seeing how it works out. nothing wrong with branching out into some creative explorations.

of course, let’s hope that the hardening material doesn’t turn the lamp into a firebomb waiting to go off!

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