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Variação Pétala

Variação Pétala

Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

Jane has been doing a lot of work lately with double pleats – a two pleat wide strip, centered on the pleat division, which yields a single pleat width on each side of a major fold division.

This gives you a non-directional fold structure, and saves you from having to deal with directionality in the pleat folding- you’re free to give any pleat intersection any orientation you desire. this allows you to do many new and interesting things, but at a large cost: you eat up significantly more paper in the process.

I have done this on some patterns and decided it was overly wasteful; however, Jane’s work is definitely more elegant, and so it just seems to come naturally to her.

the use of a patterned paper here with stars on it lends some additional effect to the overall design, too.

I’m a sucker for complex layered models, and this is one of them.

the stars in the intersections are also very cool. stars == good.

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