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Oceania Box by Christine Edison

Oceania Box, originally uploaded by cedison.

Our friend Christine Edison posted these fantastic boxes – something she first made about four years ago. The blue one is a new version, slightly modified with additional pleats, and she’s thinking of teaching it this year at the Origami USA convention in NYC.

I have to say that I’m completely in love with this blue box. The curving shape, the textures of both the elephant hide paper and the spiking, ridged pleats – it’s a beautiful piece of art. I want to see it folded on a grand scale out of some kind of marvelous leather, all shiny and smooth.

It reminds me of a leather pillow that I saw on Pietro Seminelli’s website – – but it looks like he has done a site update and I can’t find an image of it anymore, sadly.

I believe there is a photo of it (or a similar pattern) in Jean-Charles Trebbi’s book, L’art du pli. It features a wide array of pleating and folding eye-candy – a must-have book. More on this when my copy arrives here in the States!

Christine has been on a real folding kick lately – check out her blog, at for updates. She’s also posted a partial set of instructions for the Oceania Box:

Keep up the good work Christine, your fan club is loving it!


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