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Hanatsubaki Magazine, Nov 2008, No. 701

Hanatsubaki, Nov 2008, No. 701, originally uploaded by EricGjerde.

Shiseido’s in-house fashion magazine, Hanatsubaki (Camelia Flower). Shiseido is a high-end Japanese cosmetics company, and Hanatsubaki has been in continuous print since 1937 with a subscriber base of over 9 million. (thanks Wikipedia!)

I am part of a small story on origami and design process, or something to that effect – along with some material from Robert J. Lang and Yuko Nishimura, both artists whom I respect very much.

I would be very interested to know what this article says, so if someone out there is willing to translate this for me I would greatly appreciate it!

It’s a bit out of place, in some respects, with much of the content in the remainder of the magazine… it’s primarily about fashion and design, a lifestyle culture product. It’s quite interesting, but I must admit it was a bit of a surprise for one of their writers to ask me to participate and do an interview. I had a good time, though, and it was helpful for me to think about my design process and actually write out some thoughts on how I go about doing this. The answers surprised me a little bit! When you’re creating things, you don’t consciously think about the creation process – you’re just creating, and in the moment, so almost all other thought is pushed back while you’re focused on the task at hand. To reflect on it after the fact isn’t something I normally do, so it was quite a good exercise for me to undertake.

Thanks to the kind folks at Shiseido and especially to writer Yukari Miyamoto for allowing me to contribute to their magazine.

Hanatsubaki, Nov 2008 - No. 701


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