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Octagons for October contest winners announced!

The Origami Tessellations group on Flickr created a contest for the month of October, asking people to create octagonally-themed works to celebrate our lonely eight-sided friend and all of his creative possibilities.

My deepest apologies to all of your for the delay in choosing and awarding the winners of this contest – sometimes life has a way of becoming very busy and suddenly two months have passed in the blink of an eye. As penance for being two months late in my judging, I’ve added some additional prizes to this contest: Three contestants will receive a one year Flickr pro membership!

I’d like to thank everyone for participating and contributing such beautiful artwork – so many varieties and methods of folding, I was really astounded to see the diversity of ideas at play in all of your creations! I think everyone who has created something here and shared it with the world is a winner, and you should all be proud of the artwork you have created.

So without further ado, here are the three people who submitted artwork which I thought was the most compelling:

Andrew Hudson (origami_madness) – Andrew absolutely blew me away by creating a new octagonal art piece for each single day in October! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that someone would take this contest to such a level of creative energy. Along with the Flickr Pro account I will also be mailing Andrew a special copy of my origami tessellations book, along with a selection of papers from my own studio paper collection. I’m completely amazed by what he has done! There are so many favorites here, and some truly astonishing new ideas he has shared… but here’s my favorite three:

Octagons for October #1: Coral Polyps

Octagons for October #6: Water Lily

Octagons for October #21: Columns (5)

Endre Somos (soma0213) – Endre made a delightful floral octagonal pattern which reminded me greatly of illustrations from the Grammar of Ornament, my most beloved book of architectural elements and design. The use of visually complex floral design elements together with empty space linked together structurally reinforces the beauty of this artwork. I’m quite fond of this pattern!

Octagons for October: Octagon Flowers

Octagons for October: Octagon Flowers - back

Carlos Natan López Nazario (Origami Natan) – Natan creates these phenomenal 3D tessellation structures, which have long fascinated me; but he really captured my interest with his “8 Cubes Star” model, which is a three-dimensional version of my absolute favorite octagonal star pattern. He also has a larger model of a previous version, his “8 Points Star” design, which is similarly delightful.

8 Cubes Star

8 Points Star

8 Points Star

There was additional work by friends and group members which I also thought was quite deserving of award:

Almost Orange Octagons, by Yureiko

Almost Orange Octagons for October

Octagons and Squares Twists, by Andrea Russo

Octagons and Squares twists

Octagonal Spirals, by Ben Parker

Octagonal Spirals - Full

October Blooms, by Ilan Garibi

October Blooms

Dana Hall Display, by Alexander Soukas

Dana Hall Display - Bottom Shelf

Khatam, by Mélisande


If you are interested in looking through all of the submissions to the contest, you can see them via the following link:

There were so many beautiful pieces submitted, I loved them all – thank you everyone for participating and sharing your art!

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