Year: 2005

Variação da Spread Contraluz

Variação da Spread Contraluz Originally uploaded by mawelucky. I’m a few days out of date here, but this is a new work from Jane over at flickr. As Melisande pointed out in the comments section on this photo: Another marvelous work of yours ! This central hexagonal twist is a nice feature of many tessellations you’ve made recently, it belongs to you, I think. I concur! this central twist design appears repeatedly in Jane’s tessellation work, and it’s one of the features that helps me to immediately identify a photo as one of her designs. We’ll have to come up with a good name for it, since I don’t think she’d like it being called the “Sem Nome twist”…

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas! I’ll be travelling for much of the next week, so there will be pretty random postings for a while. I hope you spend some wonderful time with friends and family and enjoy yourself! best wishes, Eric

links for 2005-12-23

Photographic Views of Meija, Richard Gadd (tags: japanese photos meiji old antique classical 1800s) Micro Persuasion: Ten Blogging Hacks (tags: blogginghacks hacks blogging tips) theory.isthereason » From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links (tags: wordpress autopost dailylinks) Mélisande’s origami gallery Mélisande’s origami site, featuring a large amount of origami tessellations. Many photos, and several diagrams / crease patterns / illustrated folding sequences. some wonderful inventive origami work! (tags: origami paperfolding papiroflexia Mélisande melisande tessellation tessellations tesselations tesselation) Flickr: Photos from Melisande* The flickr photostream of origami artist Mélisande. Wonderful work, especially the origami tessellations! (tags: origami tessellation tessellations tesselation tesselations paperfolding papiroflexia art artwork)

Origami Joel, spotted on flickr

origami joel Originally uploaded by jenel. came across this post on flickr with the tag “origami” (yes, I see them all- I’m addicted, what can I say?) I thought to myself, “wow, it looks like he’s folding a tessellation”… if you look at the picture in full size, you’ll see he’s folding a Fujimoto (tower?) tessellation- you know, that amazingly popular one that everyone seems to fold. the amazing bit is the fact that his pleats are TINY. it’s crazy. I would love to talk to this guy about his work! and learn some of his techniques, while I’m at it. Origami Joel, if you come across this post, please get in touch with me- I’d love to get some pointers from you! UPDATE: see new article with photos about Joel here!

Roberto Gretter’s origami

Roberto Gretter is an Italian origami folder with some amazing skill, as well as several common interests. His website features many original designs, including quite a few tessellations and geometric patterns. Since I really have a fondness for geometric tessellated shapes, here’s several of his bowls- which he has also diagrammed, available for download at his site! Also, here’s a link to one of my favorite designs of his- which he just calls “hexagonal tessellation“.